Pine Flooring

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Pine Flooring

  • Our cabin has pine flooring (actually the entire cabin is Pine)...and we have a dog...enough said? What can we do to minimize the scratches other than not bringing her (dog)?



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  • area rugs,  thick poly or epoxy gel. Depending on what kind of pine it might be very soft and without a few coats of something to make it hard (like poly or epoxy) it will dent and scratch easily.

  • Our cabin also has pine floors ... and we also have a dog. We minimize scratches, paint the floors with 7 layers of polyurethane varnish. It has been almost 10 years and only now we should sand the floors and give 2 or 3 layers new polyurethane lacquer.

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  • We also have wood floors and several dogs in various stages of house training.  Wish scratches on the floor were our biggest worry!  Actually epoxy (on the floor) would probably solve both problems.  We've just tried a water-based epoxy called "roller rock" in the bathroom.  Takes a day to cure out, but no problem with fumes.  So far, it is holding up well.  Other than that... a good pair of toenail clippers?

  • We have southern yellow pine on our floors and we actually painted them with an oil-based porch and patio paint from Benjamin Moore.  When the floor scratches, the paint actually molds into the grooves without chipping.  The painted floors make the cabin look like those old-time lodges.   It adds color; there's so much wood everywhere.