Madison Cabin Life Show 2014

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Madison Cabin Life Show 2014

  • Spent a few hours at the Madison, WI show yesterday.  Very impressive vendors.  Friendly and helpful.  Being it was opening day, there weren't a lot of visitors till about the time we left, so we had ample opportunity to get our questions answered.  

    Good entertainment but could use a good folksy humorist.  Sorry, no suggestions at this time, but there's gotta be someone out there with some backwoods levity.  (clean, of course!)   When the worst of cabin fever hits, it's good to have somebody to remind us of the lighter moments of winter, or ticks, or raccoon invasions.....


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  • Levity ...

    Here is a cottage joke from a recent era in time...

    This joke is not to offend anyone it is one that is popular and one which many have heard ..

    A couple was walking along the lake enjoying the sunset when they came to a cottage. They were invited in by an elderly woman offering a drink. While entering they noticed the walls were covered with clocks. Surprised they asked the woman who owned the cottage what all the clocks were for. The elderly woman replied that everyone has a clock, and every time you told a lie your clock advanced a second. They noticed a clock in the great room which was hardly moving and when they asked about it the woman told them it was Mother Theresa's. While laughing they asked where George W Bush's clock was. The woman replied "It's in the kitchen, we use it as a ceiling fan."


    If you are lucky enough to live on the water, you are lucky enough.

    Lake Living Is Living At Its Best!!!!!!!!

  • Good idea, DriedFish! I'll have to pass that along to the show's producer, Dave Greer.

    Emily Hare
    Editorial Assistant
    Cabin Life magazine