How many of you use the forums?

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How many of you use the forums?

  • Just wanted to do a little roll call on here and see how many people are on the forums.  I know a lot of people like myself look at the forums but don't write much.  I'd love it if this forum was more active!

    Say hello and also how frequent you visit and post.  Also, I'm guessing a healthy discussion on what cabin life could do to get more activity on here, would be welcomed by them.

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  • Hello, dear heartinwisconsin~

    I'm new to the forum and am likely to check in nearly daily to see what's up.   Hub and I are going to the show in Madison in a couple hours.  We've got cabin fever pretty bad right now, so figure the cure is to get out and see cabin life from a different perspective.  :)    We live at our cabin full time now.  It's great.


  • it is not an overly active forum but does pick up a little "in-season"

  • Ya it's too bad because I feel like the subscribers could give some great advice and get some really good discussions going on here.

  • I'm trying to be more active and would welcome more "life at the cabin" discussion. :-)

  • There are lots of seasonal cabin/lakehouse owners on here.  I like posts/stories about good or fun experiences, with pictures.  Whether it is kids playing around or parties with lots of guests and how to prepare, what activities etc.  Many people like the "problem" posts about how to fix or do something.  Takes posts to get replies though.  Right now, with winter winding down it should start picking up.

  • I'm around, and would like to add more, but have been fact, I'm waiting on visitors as I write.  Interesting that people want to be fed but don't give any ETA.  I guess we'll eat when it's done...guests or no guests.  They're already two hours past  their "might be there by" time.  I know how that makes me sound, but there should be cabin etiquette on all sides.

    The next topic I'd like to start in a few days is "What is Cabin Comfort".  I have some ideas I'd like to share.

  • Haha! Your post made me chuckle, DriedFish! Eat when it's done - I like that philosophy.

    It seems like the activity on the forums has been picking up recently. Thanks to all who participate and check in regularly! We don't play favorites here at Cabin Life, but ... oh heck, you're our favorites. ;)

    Emily Hare
    Editorial Assistant
    Cabin Life magazine

  • Hi all!  When this forum started, a few years ago, it was very active but has somehow "faded" a bit.  Looking forward to activity, discussion, pics etc!  I had even engaged in forum conversation with a family that had their place so very close to ours and we had planned to get together and meet.....not sure what happened but never got it together!  Where do all of you hail from?  I grew up in Chicago, hence my family vacation home up North all my life.  Now, empty nesters and made sure our kids spent lots of quality time at the lake.  Grandchildren are now making new memories as well....primary home in Omaha, NE