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  • So you have installed your outdoor shower as shown in the  DIY article. Hopefully you installed the suggested bleeder valve. It can actually serve an additional function when getting ready for winter.  Turn off and disconnect the water supply from the cabin. Open the valve and let it drain as much water as will come out. Unscrew the cap.  Get your air compressor and the blow valve you use for blowing away dust.  Firmly place it against the hole left when you removed the cap and blow for a minute or two. Replace the cap but do not tighten it all the way.  Finally, disconnect all the plumbing fittings and if possible, blow out the hose and any pipes that you disconnected. In the spring, hook up the hose to the supply valve and turn on the water. Water will come out of the end of the hose as well as the bleeder valve, reminding you to close it. When you are sure the hose is clear of any critters that may have used it for a winter home, hook it to the shower bib and you are ready to go.

    John Bauer

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  • Great advice, john22015! Thanks for sharing.

    Emily Hare
    Editorial Assistant
    Cabin Life magazine

  • Thanks for the note. Works well for me.