Did you open your cottage?

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Did you open your cottage?

  • We're lucky to use our cabin year around, but this weekend the lawn furniture and outdoor stuff gets taken out of storage.  Can't wait to get started with the summer!!  There is still ice on the lake but we should be fishing soon.  Yeeee Haaaa!

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  • We just moved into ours forever! Sold our 2100 sq ft home and 2000 sq ft barn and now live in our 400 sq ft cabin. Been a week and things are tight, but I am loving it already! Most things are in storage, but beginning construction next week on a new barn and an addition in the fall. Dream come true....

  • Sounds wonderful, Rae! We would love to see pictures. :)

    Emily Hare
    Editorial Assistant
    Cabin Life magazine


  • I just posted some photos to the Small Cabins picture site. We love our little place!

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