Off grid

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Off grid

  • Need more tips and hints for really small (10x12 with full loft) cabin life. Things like storage for that small, plans, off grid (no power/water/limited accessibility). Add ons and tips of making best of limited cabin space.
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  • We've noticed a growing trend toward smaller living spaces and simple lifestyles, so we are always on the lookout for small cabin design ideas and solutions. Be sure to check out our Green Ideas page, packed with articles about environmentally-friendly things you can do at the cabin. Also, don't miss our creative storage solutions series and small cabin design ideas.

  • Wow; kudos to you for your willingness to take on the character building experience of cabin life in a 10 x 12' structure.  My wife and I are INTIMATELY familiar with life in exactly that:  10 x 12'.  Moreover, we did NOT have the luxury of a loft.  We spent more than 2 year's worth of weekends and vacations living in what we called the love nest.  Spartan and cozy were the buzz words, along with "relationship tester".  We emerged victorious, albeit somewhat humbled.

    I cannot imagine how many possible tricks are available for such a is such a WYSIWYG situation.  The one thing I DO remember was the relief we both enjoyed when we were finally able to set a toilet inside the larger cabin we were building next door, thereby eliminating the need for the porta-potti in the corner of the love nest.  This small change (dare I say improvement?) really helped to clear the air, if you know what I mean.  We have since been able to move along to life in the workshop of current cabin construction project.  This upgrade gives us nearly 400 sq ft and feels like we have moved into the Taj Mahal.  Oddly and inronically, that new stool looks out a window with a great view into the woods....and right out to the love nest that got me there.  During those special, private moments of reflection, I am reminded of our humble beginnings.  Always good to remember where ya came from as you dream about where you're goin'.

  • Also check out for ideas on off grid living.  great forum too.