Where is your cabin?

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Where is your cabin?

  • How in the world did I allow my subscription to Cabin Life Magazine expire?  I've taken care of that problem and just want to add my kudos to the creators of this online conversation feature.  Not everyone appreciates/understands the passion of having a cabin.

    My place is located in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado in an area known as Red Feather Lakes.  There are 13 small fishing lakes, loads of hiking trails, snowmobiling, x-country skiing, golf; not to mention the bear, elk, moose, deer, coyotes, fox, and occasional mountain lion.  Love hearing about others experiences.

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  • Welcome MTNMAGGIE. These boards are a lot of fun and like you said, cabin people have a certain understanding amongst themselves. How long have you had your place? Do you have any pictures? Look forward to hearing from you again. (my daughter lived in Aspen for a year.) Kari


  • Hi and thanks for the welcome.  My late husband and I bought our cabin in the fall of 2007 with the intent of retiring there. Unfortunately he passed away before realizing that dream. However it became a haven for me. It's a lovely spot. What about you, where is your cabin?

  • Welcome MTNMAGGIE! We look forward to having you join our conversations here. And thanks for your nice words about the magazine. We appreciate it!

  • Greetings,

    I have a number of cabins in Ellijay, GA.  Most are vacation rentals, but I also live here full time-right on the River.  This is such a wonderful community, neighbors are friendly and helpful, can't believe I waited so long to move away from the bustling city!

  • Wow, that sounds wonderful.  I grew up and lived for many years in southwestern Pennsylvania and we loved spending time at cottages on lakes or rivers in the area.  Colorado is a wonderful place to live, and my cabin has a lake view.  I guess cabin or cottage, it's the idea of having a place to get away to peace and quiet, and if there is a body of water nearby, that makes it all the better!

  • Hi there...

    I'm new to the discussion but hope to come around from time-to-time to chat.

    My wife and I have a spectacular second home on the Door peninsula of northeast Wisconsin.

    Eighty acres of woodland and open land.  A creek and a couple of ponds.  Only nine neighbors within a radius of one mile.  The deer hunting and upland bird hunting is pretty good too.

  • ever go salmon fishing on the big lake.  My brother got married in Door County, Egg Harbor?  Fabulous area

  • I'm beginning to see a pattern here, all you Wisconsin folks.  I would love to take a trip to Door County as I've heard so much about it and all other areas of your state.  Hopefully in the next couple of years.....  However if you have a special place I need to see, just let me know.  Thanks.

  • We have friends with a place in Granby, CO - which would be a ways to the south of where you are.

    And I pass pretty close to the Balsam lake area of Wisconsin at least once a year when traveling to visit with some of my wife's family in Thunder Bay, ON.

    And yes - I have fished for salmon on the Big Pond and for smallies and walleye on Green Bay.

  • I just joined tonight. I ordered my Amish built cabin in May and it was delivered, turn key, July 23. I have 8 acres more or less on a 600 acre lake in SW Michigan. I had the cabin delivered to the eastern edge of my property near where my 600+' bogwalk heads out to the lake. It's down the hill from the house so instead of saying I'm going "up north", I say I'm going down east. Can't see the cabin from the house and can't see the house from the cabin.  It gives me the best of all worlds, I think - don't have to worry about someone breaking it and its convenient for weekend getaways.  I have pictures up at http://www.nationalserroscotty.org/cabin/ and my bogwalk is at http://homepages.wmich.edu/~kroes/bogwalk/

    Found out about this magazine because a friend in PA sent me an old issue that had published one of his bear pictures and I just had to subscribe.  Looking forward to hanging out here.  My other passion is vintage travel trailers (Serro Scotty) and mine can be found in the rebuilds area of the site above http://www.nationalserroscotty.org/rebuilds/

    Best wishes all...

  • Loved you photos and your cute cabin.  You are very handy and have a good eye for decorating small spaces.

    Sure you will enjoy many great cabin moments there. 

    I just sold my cabin in the Rocky Mountains and bought an old house in PA which I want to remodel.  Needed another challenge.

    Keep us up to date on the happenings at your "hunting lodge"!

  • Hi nkroes, 

    I love your adorable cabin. It's small and so well put together. You have interesting design style and like you I like antiques. You have a neat old radio and other interesting pieces of conversation among your decorative items on display. Cool duck decoy collection. Your crows look real. Are they wood carved? Congratulations on the purchase of your slice of heaven and thanks for sharing your photos. 

    Building a boardwalk on your bog was an excellent idea.

  • nkroes - Oh my gosh, my parents had a 13-foot Serro Scott trailer when I was a little girl.  I called it my "playhouse" and we spent many happy years camping in it.  I cried when they traded it in for a newer , bigger trailer.  I would love to restore one.  Maybe I can talk my husband into it one day.  It would make a great  guest house.  I plan to check out the website.  Enjoy that trailer. 

  • Our cabin is in northern New Hampshire, up near Canada in the Connecticut Lakes region.  We're right in the heart of snowmobile country.  There is excellent fishing and lots of beautiful scenery.  We actually go through withdrawal when we aren't there.  We plan to move to our cabin full time when we retire.