Ticks/Lyme disease

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Ticks/Lyme disease

  • After years of not being serious about Lyme I was bit by a tick. Thinking not much about it, 28 days later I came down with a fever of 104 degrees for four days and the typical lyme rash. After a few trips to emergency room they confirmed it as Lyme. I was treated only 2 weeks with doxycycline. 6 months later I could barely walk up the steps at the end of the day and my memory was seemingly impaired. So they put me on 6 weeks of doxycycline. I improved but after another 6 months I was slipping. Physically I could not do what I use to , I ached all over, I thought I had early alzheimers. My doctors refused to treat me  saying the doxycycline took care of it. I became my own advocate and found a lyme literate doctor and have been going through treatment for the past two years with  different antibiotics. The improvement is amazing but when off the meds  for 6 weeks or so I will start slipping. I am a hiker, a swimmer and an outdoor person. This is a little understood disease. And it is hell to have to deal with it. But I will beat it.

    Please check yourself after each hike through the woods or nights around the campfire. Note if you have removed a tick and the date of bite, should you start feeling symptoms within a months time. Sometimes the rash does not occur and you may just start feeling lethargic.After every hike shower and go over your entire body. BE AWARE.....but do not let them keep you from enjoying nature.

    I am fighting this disease and still enjoy the outdoors. And, one of my dogs has Lyme. Funny, there is a vaccine for dogs but not humans!! They also are not sure there is a 24 hr 'grace period'. The initial bite could be enough for Lyme to occur.

    Just be vigilante and use permethrin on your clothing and spray with deet.

    From one who knows but still loves being in the woods!

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  • Thanks for the info! A friend of our family also contracted lime disease and it has been a very trying time for her.  

  • My husband was affected by two Lyme bearing ticks in summer 2013, a year after we retired to our cabin permanently.  (central WI)  Although he was treated immediately both times, he had terrible symptoms:  Fever, vomiting, hallucinations, stumbling, etc.  His first dose of doxycycline was for two days.  The second was for 21 days.  We were told that we could expect a return of symptoms around the one year anniversary of the first bite.  That won't be till early summer.  We are hoping to avoid all that, but it is something we will be watching out for.

    The thing with deer ticks is that they are so tiny that they quickly embed themselves deep in the flesh.  If there is no target ring I could see it getting lost.   A friend told us that a tick worked its way into the liver of her stepson.  I would think that would be big news, but I haven't found anything about it online, so who knows if it's even possible.  But the things give me the creeps.

    I am hoping that as Lyme victims on this site deal with this situation and learn more, they will freely share their experiences.

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences! It's very important to protect against Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses. Check out this article from the March 2014 issue of Cabin Life: www.cabinlife.com/.../Tick%20Borne%20Diseases.aspx

    Emily Hare
    Editorial Assistant
    Cabin Life magazine