New to the Forum, but not new to the life

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New to the Forum, but not new to the life

  • Howdy to all our new Cabin Life friends.   We have recently moved to the woods of central WI from another part of the state.  This is our fourth cabin themed home. We have lived on a lake, a river, a creek and now plain old BEAUTIFUL woods.   Fewer mosquitoes, but the ticks are fierce!

    Hub and I are retired and enjoying the quiet life.  But hadn't counted on another project house.  Seems the concept of insulation was foreign to the last couple of owners.  But we're in the business of improving every place we've ever owned, so we just keep forging ahead.

    Hope to get to know you folks.  I love to gab and "talking houses" is what Hub and I do best.

    We'll be at the Madison Lake and Cabin Life Show this weekend.  (as visitors)  Will probably rub shoulders with you and not even know it.

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  • Kudos to you for renovating your cabin home! Please continue to post about the improvements you make. :)

    Emily Hare
    Editorial Assistant
    Cabin Life magazine

  • There is no real "begin" point when doing a renovation.  You start with what's most important.  We divided the largest bedroom in half and made a fabulous second bathroom on the side closest to the other two bedrooms.  The other half we made into a new entry with laundry and closet.  I'm not thrilled with having the machines just inside the door, but hey, this is a cabin. We're working with someone else's floor plan and we didn't want to enlarge the footprint of the house.  Since we had the money we decided to revamp the existing bathroom that's off the kitchen, too.  I think everyone likes having designated "guy" & "gal" bathrooms.

    We learned early on that there was an insulation deficit when we put a couple windows and an entry where there were none.  Hub took off the aluminum siding and discovered huge holes in the blue rigid foam insulation.  Mouse invasion?  NO!  Asian beetles.  We found thousands of little bug carcasses inside our walls.  Who'da thunk?!  We got the windows and door in, and then replaced the blue with foil covered rigid foam.  That should keep the buggers out.  

    We are fortunate that this house has a tight block foundation.  There is a dry basement under two of the bedrooms.  The rest is sandy crawlspace, some areas are almost high enough to stand up in.  Hub has systematically been insulating around the perimeter on the sill plate.  For some reason people tend to forget that leaving that area exposed is inviting cold floors.  Putting six inch batting there has made a huge difference, especially on the non carpet floors.  More later.