Winter over??????

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Winter over??????

  • Just drove 4+ hours in a snow storm from northern to central Wisconsin.  Two feet of ice on the lake yet and only lower 40's for the week.  I'm SICK of winter.  It just won't let go.  Is it spring where you are???

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  • I am with you.  I enjoy the winter season but it needs to end in March.  70s last weekend and now a chance of a wintery mix this weekend.  I can't take it anymore.

  • It's May 2nd, and I heard that Rochester, MN, was getting an inch of snow an hour this morning! Fortunately, we're just dealing with rain in Waukesha, WI, where Cabin Life is headquartered.

  • Me again...we got 16" of snow today in Northwestern WI at our cottage.  YUCK!!!!

  • Gross, Eagles Cove! We have had our fair share of rain this spring in southeastern Wisconsin, and the grass is green (will likely need to be mowed this weekend) and the trees are budding, so we can't really complain. We have a lot of sympathy for our friends in the northern Midwest, though!

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  • snow isn't the only lingering problem, here in the southeast we have had incredible runs of rain that have taken some serious drought conditions to normal, but have kept the region cool, wet and not at all spring like.

  • Pretty much most of the lakes north of HWY 8 in Wisconsin had to cancel boat fishing opener because the lakes were still iced over.  The resort at Balsam Lake said that they have never had to cancel the opening weekend of fishing season.  Wierd year.  

  • we've been 7' over full pool for over a week, connected ramp to floating dock is about 6' underwater and at a very steep angle.  stuff floating in lake that normally isn't there.  Mess to clean up when they let the water out (dam controlled reservoir) .

    eating into boating season, thanks mother nature