Hello from beautiful Bull Shoals Lake

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Hello from beautiful Bull Shoals Lake

  • First time on this forum, my wife and I built a small 1500 sf cabin/home in this area approx 8 yrs ago, someday this will be our retirement cabin. Bull shoals is a very large lake a the Arkansas/Missouri boarder-we are just in the Arkansas side. It's all about the people, then the lake. Our hobbies are Boating, Relaxing,Fishing, and enjoying our friends . If you all ever get a chance come see this lake.

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  • Hi Brickstoner,

    Back in the late 60's and early 70's, my parents, who lived in the Chicago area, did pretty much the same thing.  I have very fond memories of that cabin project and property it was on.  Bull Shoals is an incredible body of water; so is the entire White River system.  I can still remember the canoe trips on the Buffalo River. 

    We had our place on a 1 acre parcel on the water (or, at least, up against the Army Corp property) in a cove just outside of Peel, Ark.  The subdivision was called Wood's Cove, but I would have a tough time finding it right now.  I remember that the county was a dry county and we had to take the Hwy 125 ferry across to the Missouri side to get to the liquor stores.  The routine usually involved loading up on Coors (was still hard to find Coors east of the Rockies at that time) and starting the party on the ferry on the return trip. 

    Man, we made some memories down there.  In the end, my folks decided that it was a bit too far and they sold the place.  That didn't stop them, though....they just bought another property and started the process all over again....and again. 

  • Our place is maybe 15 mins from the ferry, closer to protem mo, in a private subdivision, we use to stay at Pinders Resort for many years, became great friends with the owners, after they sold it, we bought property close to there's .

    I never heard of the place you were talking about , I will ask my buddy this weekend if he remembers that area.we drive from the  St.Louis as much as we can. Just a great place , at least we see the lake in winter, really bought this lot for our own dock, only 500' from the house.

    Thx for your thoughts and memories about the same area.i hope to have some pics of our place soon.

  • Oh I forgot to tell you -no more dry county !!!!

  • OK, so you are on the north side of the lake, probably a little ways off of Hwy 125?

    Wood's Cove subdivision was on the east side of 125.   It was a few miles off of 125 on gravel....or at least, it was gravel at that time.  I can't remember, tho, if it was north of Peel or just south of it.....not sure.  I do remember the Brown's owned the 125 boat dock.  Richard Brown was forever fixing and tuning up our old Mark Twain so we could hit the lake with it.

    It is a very different world down there.  Once you get yourself fit in with the locals, it's old home.

  • Bretski, I checked out your homepage- now that is way too cool, love the dock, and the barn/living space, that's what my wife and I wanted to have for our pole barn , but it was not in the budget, we at least have a 30x40x12' barn, to store 3 boats and other toys, I hope one day to buy out my neighbors lot and his 1500sf barn to move my stuff over there and turn my barn into a man cave.

    We were thinking about building another garage next to the house with apartment on top and nice patio off to the side ????? We shall see . I will talk with my buddy about the area you said, I will be heading to the lake Saturday with a buddy for him to store his boat in my barn until his house is built.

    Only problem with our lake area, is the wonderful corp of engineers, rules have changed , way too much BS on rules, they think they are god.

    Other than that it's awesome place, and we hope to use it a lot more this year. Once I win the lotto, I'm finished with St.Louis,

    I will show my wife your site. And like before I hope to get some pics on with our place.