New to cabin ownership!

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New to cabin ownership!

  • We recently purchased a cabin in Deep Creek, MD that we need to decide on a name for!!  We plan on using it for family as well as a vacation rental, so we need a name that will mean something to us personally as well as being memorable to a potential renter.  

    Valhalla - we love this one and would have decided on it except there is a cabin on the outskirts of our area with the same name...

    Bavarian Forest

    Grey Bear Lodge

    we are open to any other creative names you want to throw out there!!

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  • Congrats on purchasing a cabin, Aly! They all sound like great names, but I would have to know more about what makes your place special and unique (i.e. What are some identifying characteristics of the cabin, location, owners, etc.?) before giving my two cents. Wink

    A cabin name is not to be chosen lightly, and it should be personalized. See:

    Emily Hare
    Editorial Assistant
    Cabin Life magazine

  • The cabin is in Deep Creek, MD on an acre and a half of wooded area.   There are bears in the area that frequent our property.  All the interior walls are a medium grey taupe with rustic accents and pops of red.  We are two miles from Wisp Ski Resort and Deep Creek Lake.  My husband Dan and I have two children; Vaughn and Violet.  We are of German decent.  We love hiking and being in nature.    We are Leaning towards Gray Bear Lodge, since Gray and Behr were both names we considered if Violet had been a boy.   Hope this helps!!

  • We are of German decent...


    congrats on the acquisition, Aly!

    edit:  I should add the correct German spelling:  Jäger Wald

  • Love Gray Bear Lodge for the personal reasons you gave, Aly! Maybe Gray Behr Lodge to include a German touch? :)

    Emily Hare
    Editorial Assistant
    Cabin Life magazine

  • When I bought my cabin a few months ago it represented many things to me: my first independent home purchase, freedom, a place to bond more with my kids, a place to hide or get away from the world in addition to being a place where family and friends could gather.

    I love many things in my life: my kids, my cats, butterflies lol, but nothing that felt right for this place of sanctuary. The only thing that kept coming back to me was "Lynne's Place", And so it was named...:-)

    Now I have some beautiful personalized items that say "Lynne's Place" throughout the cabin (welcome mat, key holder, plaque, etc) and each one of them make me stop and smile when I am there. Pick something that makes you glow inside everytime you think the name <3