Easement driveways

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Easement driveways

  • Maybe someone out there would know the answer to this question.  If you have a seasonal property in WI, that gives 20 foot driveway access to one other property (that houses year round owners), are you responsible to plow snow for their access to their property in the winter?


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  • There should be some kind of deed restriction, township or association that would have the details.  We live on a private drive that is a shared easement for 20 or so properties.  We have committee that has a treaser.  She collects the money and pays for plow and other minor services.  

    If you don't have anything in writing then it should be up to you on when and if you plow.  If there was a legally drawn easement there is something in your deed...or I'd be surprised if not.

  • We live on a private road (actually, the only perm. res. on the road at this time) and we have an agreement on road maintenance once per year, but no agreement on clearing roads.  Anyone that is stating that it is your responsibility should produce the legal document stating that you must clear the road.    Cabin1 has it correct, this is how we handled the  road maintenance agreement.