Our floating cabin...northern Idaho

Our float home is located in 15 feet of water on the southern end of Lake Coeur d'Alene Idaho.  There are 23 float homes in the Hidden Lake community and it's the last such float house community, laid out much like it was 100 years ago, left in the continental USA.  At least one float home dates back to 1898.  They float on large cedar logs and are anchored into place by pilings.  Many of these historical float homes were originally used as housing, cook houses, or offices for the early loggers on the St. Joe River or the Railroad that hauled logs and silver ore to mills.  They have modern plumbing and waste disposal systems that are approved by the health department and checked annually by a licensed plumber. I'm writing a book on float homes along the St. Joe River and am very interested in what others have to say.

Posted 10/15/2012 1:31:24 PM by HB Floating Cabin
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  • Our floating cabin...northern Idaho

    This is really cool.  Is there any tax benefits with this time dwelling?

  • Our floating cabin...northern Idaho

    We pay the state park an annual fee to lease the spot on the water and county property taxes but they're reasonable.  The view is phenomenal.

  • Our floating cabin...northern Idaho

    I still haven't figured out how to post photos here. Cut and paste doesn't work for me.

  • Our floating cabin...northern Idaho

    HB Floating Cabin,

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  • Our floating cabin...northern Idaho

    I live in a float cabin in Coastal BC. We have about 200 cabins on our lake, but they are spread out so everyone has lots of privacy. Most of the cabins are for summer use only, but we stay in ours about 75% of the time in all seasons. It is our primary home when we aren't traveling. I love life on the water and off the grid. Like your cabin, we have a lease (free) to be in our spot but do pay annual "property" taxes. Many of the oldtime cabins were built when our town was founded by the papermill in the early 1900s as fishing and hunting camps. Now many have been renovated or replaced. - Margy

  • Our floating cabin...northern Idaho

    Very nice!