I have a piece of property in Western North Carolina (1.25 Acre).  The local hardware store went out of business and they had a big sale.  They had a guard shack at the lumber yard that I got for $1500.  It’s 12’X8’.  It’s cedar on the outside, shingle roof, double paned storm windows, wired for electricity (inside & outside light) and a wall mounted A/C.  The inside is partially finished with Pine planks.  Since this building was built on site of the hardware store I had to build a sled to put the building on in order to move it.  I spent $125 in pressure treated 6x6 lumber to make the sled.  I had it moved from the hardware store to my property.  I had it put down by my creek.  I added stairs, Blinds on all the windows, refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, space heater, double sized futon, a hutch and a flat screen TV w/DVD player.  I still need to put a better floor in.  I have rubber mats that I picked up at the flea market on the floor.  I also need to finish off the inside with pine planks and frame out the windows.