Nestled In

Robbin Obomsawin photographed this cabin that sits up on an embankment on a 3-acre island in Smith Falls, Ontario. The structure is only 14x17 feet, yet it can sleep five people comfortably. It has a small buffet kitchen and a view to the water below that seems never-ending. There is no bathroom, just an outhouse … but it also has a view!

Posted 3/11/2013 1:25:34 PM by Cabin Life Magazine
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  • Nestled In

    I would love to see the interior or floor plan of this small cabin. Is that possible?

  • Nestled In

    Yes, deerhorncabingirl! If you click the link "cabin" in the photo caption above, it will take you to more info about this small cabin, including a PDF of the floor plan. :)

  • Nestled In

    Greetings Nestled In

    Love your place! So rustic amongst the tall trees..Do you have interior pictures that you could share?

  • Nestled In

    Dear "starlake57,"

    This cabin was featured in the March 2013 issue of Cabin Life magazine. While we do not have interior photos, you can find more info and floor plans by clicking on the "cabin" link in the photo caption above.

    Cabin Life editors