Cultured Stone Projects

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Cultured Stone Projects

  • I'm thinking of adding a cultured stone product to the lake side of our lake home.  It would require about 130 square feet and would surround a sliding glass door.  I'm wondering is this is a do-it- yourself project.  I've never worked with stone, brick or mortor before.  I'm also wondering if an style is more difficult than another, like river rock, or field stone, or cut pieces?

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  • Muskydude,

    My husband and I used cultured stone to resurface a fireplace. We had never tackled anything like this, so we were both a little nervous about the project.

    If you have any back issues of Cabin Life, there is a story about resurfacing a fireplace in the October/November 2006 issue on page 38.  It pretty much tells the whole process.

    Our fireplace turned out great and we were glad we tackled the "rocking" ourselves.


  • Thanks Jean.

    I'll check my back issues for the article.


  • Dear Muskydude,

    Installing stone is an art with a little bit of science. My wife and I love installing stone. I actually found it to be very relaxing and rewarding. The process is not that difficult, but does require planning and time. We averaged 2-3 sq ft an hour. or have great manuals to follow. If you have any questions, please email me at and I can walk you through the prep and install stages.

    Good Luck.


  • I'm a brick and stone contractor, Cultured Stone is somewhat simple process to do yourself, I would recommend if  it's for exterior areas, make sure you staple on some kind of a house wrap or roofing

    Paper over your plywood etc keeps any moisture out. Any of the man made stone products will have instructions for you to tackle yourself, take your time, it's really not hard to do.

    If you have any other questions about this send me a post, I'll try and help you out.

    Good Luck

  • Sorry you can email me at