Just wondering if anyone has had a gas heating stove, like a Jotul Allagash, or other similar stove, and replaced it with a Rinnai gas heating stove?  We just purchased a cabin last year, and this was our first winter using the cabin.  It is a turn of the century log cabin in Rangeley, Maine, and while small, it is cold up there and requires quite a bit of heat.  I found the heating bills with the Jotul were quite high, around $300 per month in January and February.  I have spoken with some people, including the local fuel companies, and most say the Rinnai would definitely save money over the Jotul.  I was hoping to find someone that has done a similar replacement and can provide some real world feedback on any fuel savings I might realize.  If it's only $10-$30 per month, I might be less interested.  But if it saves more than that, then perhaps it might be worth doing.