Will a 2-night cold snap freeze the pipes/pump?

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Will a 2-night cold snap freeze the pipes/pump?

  • We have a little camp in the Adirondacks and later this week the night time temps will be in the mid-20s.  Then it will go back to the high 30's.  We hoped to stay there this upcoming weekend.  Will the pipes and water pump (water comes from the river) freeze in a 2-day cold snap?  Must we dismantle everything now?  Is there a temporary solution we could do tonight?  Thanks for your help!

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  • Sorry for the delayed response. Depending on your setup and how well your camp is insulated, a couple of days of mid-20s shouldn't be a problem. You can always leave cabinet doors open to keep the pipes as warm as possible. How did everything work out? Did you have a mess to clean up when you arrived?

    Emily Hare
    Editorial Assistant
    Cabin Life magazine