Older Log Cabin Maintenance

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Older Log Cabin Maintenance

  • This is my first post and I'm excited to join the group. 

    My family is looking at purchasing an older log cabin in Ontario.  It has vertical logs, a sound foundation and is in good condition, although a formal inspection hasn't been conducted yet.  What is the kind of maintenance required to keep the logs in good condition and what considerations should we make when purchasing a log cabin?

    Thanks everyone!

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  • Not to be rude ,,, BUT

    If you have to ask about log home maintainence you may want to postpone the purchase !!!!

    The average log home's maintainence cost is around $2,500 - $3,000 bi-annually. Sometimes this price is lower and sometimes it can be higher it just depends on how the log home finish and log home sealants weathered over the past couple of years.The logs contracting and expanding due to temperture extremes is a concern as well.

    One part of maintenance that really helps to extend the life of log home stains and sealants is a yearly power wash of your log home. This removes any surface contaminants such as dust, pollen, bird ***, and insect remains (webs, egg sacs, skeletons, etc.) that will wear the finish prematurely. Washing the log home with light pressure  is also a good time to locate any areas of failed caulking or chinking and provide an overall assessment of the condition of the log home stain to get an idea of what walls or areas need a maintenance coat of stain.

    Your Log Home being VERTICAL LOGS well

    Vertical logs rot out at the bottom of the timber where the log transitions into the foundation, or in this case, lack of foundation! This is something you want to be careful of and may want to stay away from altogether.

    Now if there is a foundation in place you will have less to worry about but keep in mind Ontario's Cabin Country is known for HEAVY SNOWS ( YIKES)

    Always keep in mind rustic means UPKEEP and not the state of the art building techniqies of the new millenium. Most important to understand is that a Cabin or Cottage regardless of construction costs money and time to maintain. So many of my friends have purchased their get a ways only to regret the time and money needed to maintain their piece of paradise. On a personal note I love Ontario's Cabin Country especially Haliburton.  Good Luck on your purchase Cool


    If you are lucky enough to live on the water, you are lucky enough.

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  • Dear Lipstick66,

    Welcome to the Cabin Life Forums! You may want to check out our Maintenance page, which includes articles on how to clean your logs and dealing with decayed logs.

    Congrats on your pending purchase! Be sure to upload photos of your new place to our Photo Galleries when you get a chance!