Lake Muck Solutions?

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Lake Muck Solutions?

  • Good Day, Cabin dwellers...I am a new lakefront property owner enjoying our first full summer at the cabin.  Our swimming area has a considerable amount of organic muck (you sink at least up to your knees in some areas) and we are looking for a natural way to clear it up. 

    Has anyone had any luck with the muck digester pellets that are on the market?  Does anyone have any other suggestions for clearing away the muck?


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  • This is a tough battle.  Lake associations and states spend thousands and get government grants to clear up the underlying issue.  There are a few things you can do as a homeowner.  Depending on your area/state your DNR might have a list of things to do as well.  I know MN, WI and MI are big into helping lakeshore owners improve water quality.

    Does you lake get lowered in the fall or for maintenance?  If so that is about the only time to affordably remove the muck.  You'd wanna wait until it freezes so the equipment doesn't get stuck.  Just dredge it out.

    Next you'd want to plant a natural buffer on your shore.  To keep waves and ice from eating your shore and pulling it into the lake.  It also helps surface run off from entering the lake.  It is silt and other nutrients that settle down there.

    If you are allowed add "washed" sand.  Make sure it is washed so you don't add more nutrients into the water.  This base layer will be nice on the feet.  If you add it when the lake is lower then you can get some out further.  You can also use native stones.

    This is a large job.  We did a similar thing.  It was a multiple step process and if others around you aren't doing simliar things it will eventually fill back in.  It sounds like your lake might be filling in with silt.  It might be coming in from streams.  Check with authorities to make sure they are slowing the inflow of water with a wetland or other retention approach.  If it is coming from farmland it might not just be gross on the might become unhealthy.

    There are a lot of good site about shoreline restoration, but most dredging info is pond related.

    Best of luck!

  • Your best, natural solution is a MuckMat. I know, because I invented it. Just do an internet search for "MuckMat" to learn all about why it's the best solution.

    The pellets you mention are bacteria that digest organic material. Your "muck" has two or three inches of organic material, but the rest is just inert, soft soil, which can't be digested.