• We are thinking of moving to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan when I retire in five to 7 years.  We have spent a lot of time around Ironwood and have lake property on the michigan side out of Land O Lakes, WI.  What are the pros and cons of living in a small town like Ironwood?  Any opinions on Ironwood??

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  •               Living in Amall Town America, allow me to premise this by saying that I have lived in Manhattan, San Francisco and other large cities or concrete jungles should I say. What are the advantages of living in small towns , the feeling of community, knowing everyone and everyone knowing you. When you walk into a store, restaurant, or bakery you are greeted with a smile and are engaged in true conversation. True conversation meaning people remember what you say actually listen and you enjoy sharing lifes experiences. As you grow old you have friends to share life with not a neighbor whose name you can't remember.

             Ironwood MI , lets see what comes to mind ??? Hiawatha , The World's Tallest Indian  52 feet tall ,The Old Depot Museum all wrapped into the UP of Michigan with some great skiing. Not bad , I say embrace your new home, your plans and your new community.

           Just my opinion,


    If you are lucky enough to live on the water, you are lucky enough.

    Lake Living Is Living At Its Best!!!!!!!!

  • Our cabin is in a small community on the shores of Table Rock Lake in Missouri. The population is about 500, which "swells" to 1000 during the summer, as many vacation homeowners invade  for the weekends. Community bonfires, cookouts, and boat rides are the norm. We have a small gas station, which doubles as a grocery store. Days are spent visiting with neighbors, watching the kids swim at the dock, and walking the dog around the old chip and sealed roads.  I  have made many good friends at the lake, and talk to themoften, even when we aren't at the lake.  If you are looking for solitude, this may not be the atmosphere you are looking for. But if you are a people person, and don't mind frequent front porch conversations, a small community may be just the right thing for you.


  • Thanks for the reply.  I also lived in Portland and Seattle for about 16 years so appreciated the big city. But, we are thinking a small town might be just the ticket. 

  • I would suggest a test drive. Save up some vacation and rent a place for three or four weeks in the area. If you can't take consecutive weeks break it up and besure to take a couple of weeks in winter to try to get a feel for what it would be like. A buddy of mine and his wife did that and they said it helped them make a decision. They are now living at their place in Northern Wisconsin year round. After four years they now spend Feb. in Arizona and comeback in March. Just an idea. Good luck.

  • Thanks. That is a great idea.  We have spent a bunch of time up there but never more than a week at a time.  But, we are always at our lake place and not in town much.  We have  a young daughter so if we were to actually move, we would likely buy a place in town and spend a bunch of time at the lake.   It makes a lot of sense to get a place in town for a few weeks to check it out.